it begins.

old tricks.

Figured I’d start off with a bang.

Hey there. I’m officially known in Second Life as Kerilynn Easterling, but I go by a variety of names. My current display name is Juliet.

So, who am I? I’ve been messing around in SL since 2007 or so. I keep a very low profile–you’ve almost certainly never heard of me. I’m not a content creator or a well-known personality, but as time’s gone by, and I got back into SL, I thought I would enjoy putting down words with some pictures and showing off my own thing.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and viewing what I have to offer as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and creating it.

skin. GLAM AFFAIR // Luna
eyes. NOX // Asylum Eyes
mouth. CONTRAPTION // The Carnivorous Jaw
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhancement Casual
hair. OLIVE. // Snow Princess
necklace. TIA // Voodoo @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
bloody markings. ANTIELLE // Demon Blood @ IDK
face markings. NOX // Xenu @ Fantasy Faire
eyeshadow. NOX // Smudged Shadow @ Cosmetic Fair
eyelashes. BEETLEBONES // Dainty
bloody nails. CLEMMM
pose. PLOOM

it begins.