“To bind and to loose,” Juliet said, and her face twisted now in almost physical disgust, “these are the games that men play. And you dare play them with me.” 

 -Mike Carey, “The Devil You Know”


Wearing a bunch of new stuff in this one! Shoutouts to the lovely Alice of Alice Project for review copies of her hair for HAIR FAIR ’16 (OMG, btw) and Vae, of course, for the beautiful jewelry set she’s done for The Epiphany.

head. CATWA // Amy
skin. PINK FUEL // Bambi <Crystal> for Catwa [NEW @ The Kawaii Project]
hair. ALICE PROJECT // Jennilynn [NEW @ Hair Fair ’16]
eyes. SUICIDAL UNBORN // Lythion Eyes – Silver [NEW @ The Dressing Room]
facepaint. THE WHITE CROW // Possessed III [NEW @ Origami]
horns. PLASTIK // Crystallisk Horns [FULL] RARE [NEW @ The Epiphany]
earrings. PLASTIK // Folly Earrings – Darkness [NEW @ The Epiphany]
rope harness. PIXICAT // Thorn Harness RARE [NEW @ The Epiphany]


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