“A purely instinctual creature, all desire and joy and rage.”

Jean Grey is probably my favorite of the X-Men, especially her Phoenix storyline (NOT from the movie, despite the above quote). As a result I’ve been kicking around an idea for a Phoenix-inspired picture, and played around with Photoshop a bit to get some nice effects. I wanted her to be in the White Hot Room, so I didn’t go too crazy on the background. Pretty pleased with how this turned out nonetheless!

Note: The flames were a gift to me from the lovely ColeMarie Soleil of Cole’s Corner, who does truly spectacular and beautiful particle effects. She sent them to me at a point when I was struggling for inspiration, so this picture is dedicated to her in appreciation. Thanks, Cole. ♥

skin. DEETALEZ // Judith – Nordic
eyes. SUICIDAL UNBORN // Nova Eyes v.2
hair. TABLEAU VIVANT // Hairplay – Front Blow – Redheads
eyeliner. FETCHxVEECHI // Essential Matte Shadow [NEW @ The Epiphany]
flames. COLE’S CORNER // Eternal Flame – Flaming Palms Orange RARE
pose. POSEIDON POSES [modified]


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