This turned out a BIT campier than I wanted it to, but I thought it looked too pretty and cute not to use, even if it’s inspired by the myth of Heimdallr. 😀

head. LELUTKA // Simone Bento Edition
skin. PUMEC // Rosealyn – November
hair. TABLEAU VIVANT // Seelie and Unseelie Hair – Nat II RARE [NEW @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival]
eyes. AVI-GLAM // Elysian Eyes – Ghost
eyeshadow. THE FACE // Spicy Makeup for Lelutka
lipstick. STUDIO EXPOSURE // ColorTrend
cloak. CURELESS & DISORDERLY // Senshi Cloth – Serenity
epaulets. CURELESS & DISORDERLY // Epaulets – Serenity
tiara, arms, chest, shorts, & boots. CURELESS // Selenopolis Gacha [NEW @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival]
moon. CURELESS // La Lune – Gold [NEW @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival]


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