{ancients} ranger.

{ancients} ranger. {ancients} ranger two.


The Dota 2 Reborn client finally launched, and with it, the Source 2 engine that we’d been waiting for. Once that happened I realized I’d been slacking super hard on my {ancients} series, which are outfits made in SL to represent Dota heroes. I present one of my favorite heroes in the game and in my top 3 most played–Traxex, the Drow Ranger.

When I first started doing these outfits, I didn’t have a blog, so I usually would post a quick blurb about the hero on Flickr and just went from there. But now I have a bit of space to sort of explain why I chose what I did.

To start off with, when I saw that Shantia of Zoul Creations was releasing a Drow skin for We ♥ RP, I knew I would finally be able to do a Traxex post. The skin is absolutely beautiful, wonderfully detailed with lots of appliers for mesh bodies (plus Omega) and with multiple makeup and brow options. After studying Traxex’s ingame model, I learned that she did NOT have white eyebrows; she has black ones, so I chose those brows for this picture. Her older model had facial tattoos that Mochi of Pink Fuel matched perfectly, included with her Sora Alabaster skin, so I wore them and tinted them to match the original Drow Ranger model.

The hair was another perfect fit, and I have to again thank Nova Faerye of Little Bones for providing me with a great customer experience. This hair was an older release she did for Uber in October of last year, and it was not in her store. I contacted her via NC and she responded super quick, offering me a discount on the product and sending it over right away. I loved how the lacing in the hair was very reminiscent of the icon for Traxex’s Gust ability, and that alone was enough to make it the right choice for this character.

For the clothes and jewelry, I lucked out–Foxes provided this sweater as an FLF release, along with the matching leggings, and it was something I’d been lusting after for awhile. In Traxex’s lore she’s an extremely solitary person, and this is reflected ingame as well–her Marksmanship ultimate is disabled if you’re within 400 units of her. Her Gust ability also knocks people away from her, and her Frost Arrows apply a heavy slow, so a giant “FUCK OFF” seemed to fit just right. These awesome thigh-high sneakers from Reign at an old Uber round were evocative of Traxex’s thigh-high boots, so that got tacked on too. I knew I wanted shorts as well to leave that Zettai Ryouiki zone open. The crossed arrow necklace from Kenzie was likewise a natural choice for Traxex. I mean, she’s an archer. It’s kind of her thing.

So! I’m really happy with how this turned out, and hope everyone else enjoys it too.

skin. ZOUL CREATIONS // Drow – Black Brows [WLRP past round]
hair. LITTLE BONES // Voodoo (Side) – B&W [Uber past round]
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Casual
eyes. IKON // Sovereign Eyes – Fjord
facial tattoo. PINK FUEL // Future Face Tattoo [Sora – Alabaster]
lipstick. ZOUL CREATIONS // Drow Lipstick – Violet
necklace. KENZIE // Arrow Necklace – Silver
sweater. FOXES // Long Sweater – Graphics [FLF past round]
shorts. ADDAMS // Epiphany Shorts w/ Belt
sneakers. REIGN // Thigh-High Sneakers [Uber past round]

{ancients} ranger.