“It’s over, Em,” he says, keeping his voice level. She’s been running for weeks, hiding, gunning down everyone that’s chased her, leaving behind a trail of bloodied and broken bodies, corpses for them to recover, shroud, bury. He lifts his gun and aims at her chest, hands steady even though his head isn’t.

He loved her once.

But it doesn’t move her; instead, she slings the H&K UMP 45–her favorite–over her shoulder and forms her left hand into a gun, pointing it at him. She winks and play-fires, elbow cocking up, her eyes mocking him, mocking them, mocking the threat he thinks he poses to her.

“No, Gerry,” she says coyly. “It’s not.”

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“They call her Widowmaker,” he says, mouth twisting in a wry smile. 

I roll my eyes at him. “Nice cliche,” I say in response. “Let me guess, she’s a ruthless killer, best in the department. No one can hold a candle to her. Right?”

He shifts uncomfortably. “Well,” he starts, “yeah. But she didn’t start out with just anyone, dude. She killed her–“

He cuts himself off at the sound of heels clicking over cement. She passes by us, and as she does her green eyes, poisonous bright, lock with mine, and I want to cringe away from the look I see in them. There’s nothing there, just a yawning void. I blink first. She keeps walking, leaving behind the scent of orchids.

I turn back to him and he grimaces. “Who did she kill?” I ask him, my voice hoarse and whispery. He doesn’t look at me as he answers.

“Her husband.”

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