“It’s over, Em,” he says, keeping his voice level. She’s been running for weeks, hiding, gunning down everyone that’s chased her, leaving behind a trail of bloodied and broken bodies, corpses for them to recover, shroud, bury. He lifts his gun and aims at her chest, hands steady even though his head isn’t.

He loved her once.

But it doesn’t move her; instead, she slings the H&K UMP 45–her favorite–over her shoulder and forms her left hand into a gun, pointing it at him. She winks and play-fires, elbow cocking up, her eyes mocking him, mocking them, mocking the threat he thinks he poses to her.

“No, Gerry,” she says coyly. “It’s not.”

head. LELUTKA // Simone Bento Edition
skin. AMARA BEAUTY // Felicia 03 [NEWLelutka Powder Pack May]
hair. EXILE // Skyline – Grayscale [NEW @ Exile]
eye appliers. IZZIE’S // Storm Eyes [NEWLelutka Powder Pack May]
eyelashes. FETCHxVEECHI // Wisp Eyelash Kit
eyeliner & shadow. PINK FUEL // Queen Palette – Oil Slick [NEWLelutka Powder Pack May]
bloody face & wounds. IZZIE’S // Face & Body Blood & Wounds
tattoo. BOLSON // Sak Yant – Fresh
earrings. LOST JUNCTION // Caught by the Spider
**t-shirt. PRETTY MESS // Baby Crop [NEW @ Memento Mori]
pants. RAZOR // Arsenal Pants – Black
belt. RAZOR // Arsenal Belt
shoulder holster & pistols. RAZOR // Guardian Harness
thigh holster & pistol. RAZOR // Guardian Harness
shotgun. BAMSE // Tactical Shotgun – Dirty [NEW @ Gacha Garden]
submachine gun. POSEIDON POSES
pose. POSEIDON POSES [modified]
backdrop. ANXIETY // Night Vision [NEW @ The Chapter Four]

**NB: the version of this shirt that I am wearing was made specifically for me. It is not for sale, but you can purchase the other versions at Memento Mori.




“To bind and to loose,” Juliet said, and her face twisted now in almost physical disgust, “these are the games that men play. And you dare play them with me.” 

 -Mike Carey, “The Devil You Know”


Wearing a bunch of new stuff in this one! Shoutouts to the lovely Alice of Alice Project for review copies of her hair for HAIR FAIR ’16 (OMG, btw) and Vae, of course, for the beautiful jewelry set she’s done for The Epiphany.

head. CATWA // Amy
skin. PINK FUEL // Bambi <Crystal> for Catwa [NEW @ The Kawaii Project]
hair. ALICE PROJECT // Jennilynn [NEW @ Hair Fair ’16]
eyes. SUICIDAL UNBORN // Lythion Eyes – Silver [NEW @ The Dressing Room]
facepaint. THE WHITE CROW // Possessed III [NEW @ Origami]
horns. PLASTIK // Crystallisk Horns [FULL] RARE [NEW @ The Epiphany]
earrings. PLASTIK // Folly Earrings – Darkness [NEW @ The Epiphany]
rope harness. PIXICAT // Thorn Harness RARE [NEW @ The Epiphany]


tell your fortune?

tell your fortune?

My first post for Genre! This month’s theme is “The Twilight Zone”. I really quite liked the Occultism Dining Set by Entity, so I wanted to show it off first. The chair has a variety of fun poses, animated and static, and it looks very nice with dramatic lighting.

If you’re interested in checking it out, I’ve included the taxi below in the credits. This round should definitely not be missed! It opens September 15th, so be ready!

skin. PINK FUEL // Sora <Alabaster>
hair. MAGIKA // Which Witch? – HUD 01
eyes. BUZZERI // Lillian Eyes – Wolf
piercing. HAUS OF DARCY // Dimpled Piercing
jacket. ISON // Occult Jacket – Black [NEW @ C88]
dress. ISON // Occult Dress – Black [NEW @ C88]
dining set. ENTITY // Occultism Dining Set [NEW @ Genre]

tell your fortune?

{ancients} ranger.

{ancients} ranger. {ancients} ranger two.


The Dota 2 Reborn client finally launched, and with it, the Source 2 engine that we’d been waiting for. Once that happened I realized I’d been slacking super hard on my {ancients} series, which are outfits made in SL to represent Dota heroes. I present one of my favorite heroes in the game and in my top 3 most played–Traxex, the Drow Ranger.

When I first started doing these outfits, I didn’t have a blog, so I usually would post a quick blurb about the hero on Flickr and just went from there. But now I have a bit of space to sort of explain why I chose what I did.

To start off with, when I saw that Shantia of Zoul Creations was releasing a Drow skin for We ♥ RP, I knew I would finally be able to do a Traxex post. The skin is absolutely beautiful, wonderfully detailed with lots of appliers for mesh bodies (plus Omega) and with multiple makeup and brow options. After studying Traxex’s ingame model, I learned that she did NOT have white eyebrows; she has black ones, so I chose those brows for this picture. Her older model had facial tattoos that Mochi of Pink Fuel matched perfectly, included with her Sora Alabaster skin, so I wore them and tinted them to match the original Drow Ranger model.

The hair was another perfect fit, and I have to again thank Nova Faerye of Little Bones for providing me with a great customer experience. This hair was an older release she did for Uber in October of last year, and it was not in her store. I contacted her via NC and she responded super quick, offering me a discount on the product and sending it over right away. I loved how the lacing in the hair was very reminiscent of the icon for Traxex’s Gust ability, and that alone was enough to make it the right choice for this character.

For the clothes and jewelry, I lucked out–Foxes provided this sweater as an FLF release, along with the matching leggings, and it was something I’d been lusting after for awhile. In Traxex’s lore she’s an extremely solitary person, and this is reflected ingame as well–her Marksmanship ultimate is disabled if you’re within 400 units of her. Her Gust ability also knocks people away from her, and her Frost Arrows apply a heavy slow, so a giant “FUCK OFF” seemed to fit just right. These awesome thigh-high sneakers from Reign at an old Uber round were evocative of Traxex’s thigh-high boots, so that got tacked on too. I knew I wanted shorts as well to leave that Zettai Ryouiki zone open. The crossed arrow necklace from Kenzie was likewise a natural choice for Traxex. I mean, she’s an archer. It’s kind of her thing.

So! I’m really happy with how this turned out, and hope everyone else enjoys it too.

skin. ZOUL CREATIONS // Drow – Black Brows [WLRP past round]
hair. LITTLE BONES // Voodoo (Side) – B&W [Uber past round]
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Casual
eyes. IKON // Sovereign Eyes – Fjord
facial tattoo. PINK FUEL // Future Face Tattoo [Sora – Alabaster]
lipstick. ZOUL CREATIONS // Drow Lipstick – Violet
necklace. KENZIE // Arrow Necklace – Silver
sweater. FOXES // Long Sweater – Graphics [FLF past round]
shorts. ADDAMS // Epiphany Shorts w/ Belt
sneakers. REIGN // Thigh-High Sneakers [Uber past round]

{ancients} ranger.



Woah, Nellie.

It’s been a month since I posted (!!) and boy am I salty about that. Real life decided to finally push Real Life 2: Back with a Vengeance to theaters, so I’ve been handling school, new hours at work, and preparing for the kitchen demolition in my house (redoing it finally!).

However, summer’s basically on its death knell, and the new round of Collabor88 with its Muted Coven theme is like water after a long run. Like many of my fellow bloggers and SL residents, I live for fall, and love the dark, Halloween-y themed stuff we’re going to be seeing for the next month or two. C88 was actually an insane treasure trove of new releases and I couldn’t just pick one thing to show off. My GetMeIn HUD went through quite a workout, let me tell you.

So, where to begin? Maybe with the wonderful new hair from Little Bones? (What, me relentlessly stanning for Little Bones?) This one’s called Spectre, which happens to be the name of one of my favorite Dota 2 heroes, and I love the sleek, refined look of this hair. It comes with and without the hat, but since everyone and their mother’s been channeling the AHS Coven look, I figured I would too.

The collar is from Baiastice and goes with their Bia dress, which I also purchased, but is a really lovely stand-alone piece. I really love crows and ravens and other corvids, so these feathers were just perfect. The cute pentagram necklace from Yummy looks like it was made to fit right over it.

Loving this top from Pixicat–as far as I’m concerned, Pixicat does no wrong; I can think of maybe ONE release they’ve had recently that I didn’t immediately salivate over. While the Tee*fy skirt I’m wearing here has its own top (and the Pixicat top its own skirt) I liked the pairing of the two together, finishing with the kickass ankle boots from, a brand I’ve loved 5eva. Both Pixicat and Tee*fy have killed it with their Maitreya fits, and has likewise offered all of her new releases for the Maitreya feet, making it a snap to wear everything right away.

Finally, these new scars from Izzie’s at The Dressing Room Fusion have become my latest obsession and I’ve layered them all on with gusto. Coming in multiple different skin tones with a huge variety of options to mix and match, they further reaffirmed my adoration of Izzie’s, and are definitely worth a pickup if you like that kinda look.

Now taking applications for membership in the Bitches of Eastwick. 😉

. PINK FUEL // Sora <Alabaster>
hair. LITTLE BONES // Spectre (w/ hat) – B&W [NEW @ C88!]
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Casual
lipstick. PINK FUEL // Ink LipGloss (Teeth)
cheek scars. IZZIE’S // Aged Scars [NEW @ TDRF!]
piercing. HAUS OF DARCY // Dimpled Piercing
sunglassses. LELUTKA // Glare Sunglasses – Solid [Hair Fair ’15 gift]
collar. BAIASTICE // Bia Collar – Black [NEW @ C88]
top. PIXICAT // Dusk Top – Black [NEW @ C88]
skirt. TEE*FY // Faye High-Cut Skirt – Black [NEW @ C88]
shoes. FRI.DAY // Samantha Booties – Iron [NEW @ C88]




Well, friends, today is going to be my last post for a few weeks, as I’m off to Spain to visit my family for a nice, much-needed vacation. I’ve been scrambling to pick up all the goodies I wanted from events happening right now, and for the most part I’ve gotten what I wanted. Since I’ll be back August 10th, I’m holding off on some events so I don’t bankrupt myself spending–which is totally possible, ’cause I have zero impulse control when it comes to the glorious creations that SL’s residents make.

Not wearing a lot that’s really new for this, sadly, but I DID go back to pick up the rest of Little Bones’ hair releases at Hair Fair. I loooooooooooove ponytails and braids, and will generally fork over money immediately for them if I see one that’s well-made. Considering that Little Bones was behind this wonderful tail, it was inevitable that I’d buy it. It’s a style called Lemonade and it’s as beautiful as all of Nova’s designs, gorgeously textured and modeled. As with all of LB’s hair it comes in two sizes with options for larger breasts on each.

Fishy Strawberry, a brand I’ve enjoyed since early on in SL (circa 2009 or so), recently announced a huge sale. TOTALLY worth! I really liked this sweatshirt, which comes with a HUD for various text options (or blank if you prefer), and will be going back at some point to buy more stuff, even if it’s not part of the sale. Definitely worth a trip over; I included a link in the credits. It’s 50% off, up to 70% on some items, and includes the main store and outlet. It’ll be on til midnight of July 21st, so hurry over.

My shoes are from the most recent round of Collabor88, which is one of my favorite SL events. The newest theme was Under the Sea, and, another brand I’ve patronized since my early days in Second Life, put out these cute platform heels with straps reminiscent of tentacles. I own a bunch of shoes and would have to say they’re my go-to shoe store. This pair is only available for Slink high feet, but I can’t complain–they look awesome.

You can see a hint of the amazing rare tattoo available from antielle at the new gacha event The Epiphany, but I’m going to save a full post for it later, since it and the other offerings Kaorinette has in that gacha deserve my full attention. 😀

Finally, my earrings are a WONDERFUL new offering by Aikea Rieko of the Plastik, out now at underworld-themed Genre. THEY ARE SNAKES. SNAKES! Available for 100L each, they come in ten different colors, three different wear sizes, and include a HUD with thirty different colors for the snakes’ gemstone eyes. I haven’t taken them off since I got them, and don’t plan to take them off anytime soon. To top it all off, Aikea just announced Plastik’s annual summer sale, with huge discounts available throughout the whole store. Find the details here and then get over there to shop!

With that said, I bid you adieu, and JD will resume posts once I return to the US. Enjoy your summer and thanks for reading! ♥

skin. PINK FUEL // Sora <Alabaster>
hair. LITTLE BONES // Lemonade – B&W [NEW @ Hair Fair 2015]
eyes. BUZZERI // Elysium Eyes – Poison
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Casual
feet. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Feet – High
eyeliner. PLASTIK // Foxxe Makeup – Decay [On Sale @ Plastik!]
piercing. HAUS OF DARCY // Dimpled Piercing
necklace. MAXI GOSSAMER // Little Tiny Dagger – Silver
necklace. ARISE // Moon Necklace – Black & Silver
earrings. PLASTIK // Hissss Earrings – Medusa [NEW @ Genre]
tattoo. ANTIELLE // The Homunculus RARE [NEW @ The Epiphany]
glasses. HOUSE OF CURIOS // Rectangle Framed Glasses [old]
sweatshirt. FISHY STRAWBERRY // Off-Shoulder Sweater – Light Grey [On Sale @ FS!]
bra. MAITREYA // Lara Mesh Bra
pants. PIXICAT // Biker Pants – Black
shoes. FRI.DAY // Ursula Platforms – Black [NEW @ Collabor88]
pose. SKBIO




“You are not among friendssss here, ssssurface-dweller!”

I love, love, love the naga as a fantasy race. Lamiae too, but naga in particular I think are cool as shit. So when JOMO released their Naga Avatar, I promptly freaked the FUCK out.

It’s so goddamn beautiful. I can’t even. It includes everything you see here, along with a pair of bracelets and a starfish bra that I’m not wearing, and JOMO’s mermaid AO.

The only reason I was able to get it so quickly is because a kind gentlemen saw me getting my outfit back on while I was demo’ing it, asked me what I’d been trying on, then gave me the L to buy it right then and there–saying nothing more than “It’s your lucky night. Have fun.”

So thank you, stranger I won’t name here (for privacy’s sake). Things have been rough and you honestly made my week.

I forgot to put on my sexy bracelets from United Colors for this picture, but it turned out really nicely anyway and I’m quite proud of it. I hope you guys enjoy! I paired it with the Naga accessories from the gacha at !deviousMind and snapped this shot at Haven of Mermaids.

skin. PINK FUEL // Sora <Alabaster>
eyes. !DEVIOUSMIND // Reptilian Eyes – Fire [Lamia Gacha]
hair. MINA // Roosje – Black
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female – Casual
snake fangs & tongue. !DEVIOUSMIND // Naga Tongue – Fanged [Lamia Gacha]
eyeliner. LEAGUE // Classic Winged [Free Gift]
nails. CLEMMM // Bloody Nails
trident. !DEVIOUSMIND // Carnelian Starfish [Lamia Gacha]
tail, fins, ribbon shawl, & horns. JOMO // Female Naga Set D [NEW]
pose. !DEVIOUSMIND // Mermaid Float