“You are not among friendssss here, ssssurface-dweller!”

I love, love, love the naga as a fantasy race. Lamiae too, but naga in particular I think are cool as shit. So when JOMO released their Naga Avatar, I promptly freaked the FUCK out.

It’s so goddamn beautiful. I can’t even. It includes everything you see here, along with a pair of bracelets and a starfish bra that I’m not wearing, and JOMO’s mermaid AO.

The only reason I was able to get it so quickly is because a kind gentlemen saw me getting my outfit back on while I was demo’ing it, asked me what I’d been trying on, then gave me the L to buy it right then and there–saying nothing more than “It’s your lucky night. Have fun.”

So thank you, stranger I won’t name here (for privacy’s sake). Things have been rough and you honestly made my week.

I forgot to put on my sexy bracelets from United Colors for this picture, but it turned out really nicely anyway and I’m quite proud of it. I hope you guys enjoy! I paired it with the Naga accessories from the gacha at !deviousMind and snapped this shot at Haven of Mermaids.

skin. PINK FUEL // Sora <Alabaster>
eyes. !DEVIOUSMIND // Reptilian Eyes – Fire [Lamia Gacha]
hair. MINA // Roosje – Black
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female – Casual
snake fangs & tongue. !DEVIOUSMIND // Naga Tongue – Fanged [Lamia Gacha]
eyeliner. LEAGUE // Classic Winged [Free Gift]
nails. CLEMMM // Bloody Nails
trident. !DEVIOUSMIND // Carnelian Starfish [Lamia Gacha]
tail, fins, ribbon shawl, & horns. JOMO // Female Naga Set D [NEW]
pose. !DEVIOUSMIND // Mermaid Float