and I forget just why I taste
oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
I found it hard, it’s hard to find
oh well, whatever, never mind

Been in a grunge mood lately. Naturally I had to go to Vinyl, right? Kind of a short entry today as I’m feeling pretty bushed from work, but I’ve been listening to my 90s music playlist all afternoon and this just had to be a thing.

I’m fairly old in terms of the internet community these days, especially in the gaming crowd. Most of the people that play in my Dota 2 league are in their early 20s or even younger. They don’t really know anything about the bands I grew up listening to, or why grunge was such a thing for the whole “disaffected youth” demographic. Music has never been an “answer” for me the way it has been for other people, but there are songs I just remember over and over, and listen to over and over, and they feel timeless to me, like I’m a teenager again.

Not that I would ever want that, mind.

skin. ATOMIC // Winter – Sugar – Winter Sprite
hair. OLIVE // The Glitch Hair [Streaks] – Greyscale
eyes. ARISE // Moon Eyes – Gray [NEW @ TFC]
eyelashes. LOVELY ALIEN // Starry Lashes
tired eyes. NOX // Restless
eyeliner. LEAGUE // Classic Winged Liner
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.5
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Casual
mesh mouth. ATOMIC // Winter Mesh Mouth – Closed RARE
cheek piercings. HAUS OF DARCY // Dimpled Piercing
necklace. YUMMY // Repurposed Charms Necklace – Eclectic
rings. PLASTIK // The Secretus Jewelry – Sterling [NEW @ N21]
hand & leg tattoos. THINGS // Dahlue & Tahiwai Tattoos [NEW @ Whore Couture]
cardigan & flannel shirt. VINYL // Cobain Cardigan – Green
jeans. VINYL // Oakley Jeans – Fade n.3
sneakers. KC COUTURE // Harlem Sneakers
pose. DEL MAY




Bunch of fun events going on right now, but I was particularly drawn to Project Limited because I fuckin’ love limited edition stuff, and I’m still trying to keep myself from totally losing my shit at Hair Fair.

I’m wearing a new skin that I got from alterego! It’s a little darker in tone than what I usually wear, but it’s very lovely regardless. It was one of 50 limited copies of the Kensi skin in the Ash Tan tone, and came with body appliers and mouth appliers for a really generous price. I have it on my Maitreya body, Slink hands, and PXL Sweetlips mouth in this picture.

My hair is one of Little Bones’ new releases for Hair Fair. Let me preface this by saying I am a huge stan for Nova because she does really fucking cool styles and has beautiful textures, but she’s also a super nice person and provides excellent customer service. I’m definitely picking up all her HF releases. However, so far Cosmos is pulling ahead as my favorite–it includes two sizes for the system avatar head and mesh heads and comes with the option of having the side area braided or totally shaved. I paired it with a hairbase from Tableau Vivant that I tinted and it looks awesome. Nova’s also been doing hairlines added into her latest styles and it shows up quite well on this one. Try wearing it without a hairbase and you’ll see what I mean.

I hopped over to Project Limited after I saw these shoes on Flickr from one of my favorite brands, Razor, and was not disappointed. They fit great and I only had to alpha out a small sliver of ankle on my body to get a seamless look. The skirt is the Lotus Skirt from Insanya and is offered in a variety of colors along with a fatpack; I chose black ’cause I’m boring and love it. It also comes in standard sizes and fitted mesh sizes, and you can turn the straps on and off! The tanktop is from Vinyl and is another exclusive to the event. Like the Insanya skirt it comes in standard and fitted mesh sizes and is available in a rainbow of colors. PLUS it has the cool steel guitar pick necklace that you can see me wearing. Finally I picked up Arise’s Moon Necklace in the Black and Silver mix pack. It’s mesh and looks really lovely inworld. With some stretching and moving around I got a super nice fit on it.

The tattoo is a Letis new release for Suicide Dollz. It kind of reminded me of the Izzie’s tattoo I’ve been wearing so much lately, and I’m a big fan of Letis, so I grabbed it. 😀 Letis recently started offering Maitreya HUDs with their tattoos, which I appreciate since I never take off my mesh body anymore. Designers and creators that take the time to make a Maitreya HUD so I don’t have to fiddle with the Omega relay are very near and dear to my heart. ♥

skin. ALTEREGO // Kensi – Ash Tan [Limited Edition]
hair. LITTLE BONES // Cosmos – Braided – B&W [NEW @ Hair Fair 2015]
eyes. BUZZERI // Elysium Eyes – Poison
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Casual
hairbase. TABLEAU VIVANT // Nyoki
eyeshadow. NOX // Smoked Out – Grass
mouth. PXL // Sweetlips 02
piercing. HAUS OF DARCY // Dimpled Piercing – Razor
necklace. ARISE // Moon Necklace – Black & Silver Mix [NEW @ Project Limited]
necklace. VINYL // Steel Pick Necklace
tattoo. LETIS // Atria [NEW @ Suicide Dollz]
tank top. VINYL // Jagger – Love Crop Top – Camo [NEW @ Project Limited]
skirt. INSANYA // Lotus Skirt – Black [NEW @ Project Limited]
shoes. RAZOR // Zealous Kicks – Punk Rock [NEW @ Project Limited]
upper arm bands. SAKIDE // Anawyn Armband
cuff. LOST JUNCTION // Edge Cuff @ Romp




Real life has been kind of miserable lately–guy troubles are the best, let me tell you–and I felt like I was so done with all of it. I wanted to wash my hands of it and not care anymore. It didn’t work, but I feel a little bit better when I play dress up, and I ended up deciding to just make a blog post. 😀

The skirt I’m wearing here is the free group gift from Vinyl, which is featured on the new Lenox & Blueberry sim. Most SL residents know by now that Blueberry and its associated stores (Addams, Bueno, Just Because, etc) are becoming incredibly popular due to their high quality products and fitmesh options for nearly all of the major mesh bodies on the market. I have to say, I really like this skirt a lot. It’s beautifully made, and–as you’ll see the more I post–I love anything post-apocalyptic or grungy or blood-stained. This fits all three! It’s called the Zeppelin skirt (after Led Zeppelin, of course), and I think it’s fantastic.

I also really, really like that the clothes at Vinyl are named after musicians or bands, especially since most of them are bands I grew up listening to.

The top is a cute knotted piece, the Kelly Tank by Tee*fy, at the round of Collabor88 that just ended. There are a ton of options and colors, but as a Redditor the NOPE shirt appealed to me the most. The shirt is available in standard sizing and fitmesh options for Slink and Maitreya mesh bodies.

Makeup-wise I’m wearing two relatively new releases from Nox, which is my favorite makeup store on the grid at the moment. I love their colors, interesting concepts, and fun styles, and since Anya puts out a new shadow or lip at every round of The Dressing Room Fusion, I snap them up instantly. Right now I have on the Toxic Shadow from the last round of TDRF, and their new Decay Lip for the Mix event. Still rocking my Izzie’s tattoo from my last post as well!

Finally, I picked up these kickass dragonscale bracelets from The Instruments, which had a Game of Thrones-inspired round that ends on July 9th. They come in three different colors–black, gold, and silver–and come with a HUD to change some of the scales in a stripe pattern. As I said before, anything snake-themed gets my vote, and I love how they look on my hands. They come rigged for Slink casual hands, system avatar hands, and an unrigged version. I’ve also got on the Master’s Ring from Proclivity at Romp, and on my left wrist is the new Edge Cuff from Lost Junction, also at Romp.

Please click through to Flickr to see the fullsize image! The details in the ring and smaller pieces should not be missed. ♥

skin. PINK FUEL // Sora <Alabaster>
hair. EXILE // Dancing on My Own – Wild Fusion
eyes. IKON // Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Casual
feet. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Feet – High
eyeliner. NOX // Toxic Shadow – Blacklight @ The Dressing Room Fusion
lipstick. NOX // Decay Lip – Burnout for Mix
tattoo. IZZIE’S // Metallic Arrow – Gold @ The Fantasy Collective
jacket. E-CLIPSE // I’m Late! – Black
tank top. TEE*FY // Kelly Knotted Tank – Nope @ C88 June ’15
skirt. VINYL // Zeppelin Skirt – Apoc [Group Gift]
shoes. BUSHU // Kali – Black
scale bracelet. UNITED COLORS // Dragonscale – Gold @ The Instruments
cuff. LOST JUNCTION // Edge Cuff @ Romp
ring. PROCLIVITY // Master’s Ring @ Romp
nails. CLEMMM // Bloody Nails