“And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and her name that sat on it was Death, and Hell followed with her.”

Revelation 6:7-8

Fourth and final piece in my Four Horsemen series! Had a lot of fun putting these together.

head. CATWA // Amy
skin. LE FORME // Tenshi – Cold #9 [NEW @ Gacha Guardians]
hair. EXILE // Memory Bliss – Wildcards
eyes. CURELESS // Yuurei Eyes – Purgatory
face tattoo. CURELESS // Psychopomp – Faded Black
nail polish. PLASTIK // Vinne Nails
dress. MOON AMORE // Dark Shreds Dress – Ghost
foot wraps. FRI.DAY // Aisling Wraps – Pewter
pose. DEL MAY


soul-cutting sword.

soul-cutting sword.

I’ve been regressing into my old weeb habits. I spent the past few days rewatching the first 3 seasons of Bleach, which even now I still love despite all the weird shit that’s happened to it. I think the strength of the show and the manga has always been its characters; it’s certainly one of the biggest draws it has.

Admittedly, the first time I saw the Soul Society arc and got the twist and all the drama I was hooked. So maybe I’m biased.

I’ve been kicking around an OC for the series in my head so I figured I would flesh it out a bit here.

head. CATWA // Amy
skin. ATELIER PEPE // Anna – Light
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.5
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Elegant1 & Bag
hair. WASABI PILLS // Marceline – Blacks [NEW @ Hair Fair ’16]
eyes. ARISE // Blind Eyes – Gray
brows. CATWA // Included in Catwa HUD
eyeliner & facepaint. PLASTIK // July Fauxe Makeup – Eris [NEW @ Plastik]
tattoo. CURELESS // Honnari Hannya
bandaged hands. CLEMMM // Bandaged Hands – Dirty Dingy Bloody
body scars. IZZIE’S // Aged Scars
chest wrap. MELONBUNNY // Rounin White Chest Wraps [NEW @ The Epiphany]
hakama. MELONBUNNY // Female Rounin Black Hakama RARE [NEW @ The Epiphany]
katana & sheath. MELONBUNNY // Kuro Katana [NEW @ The Epiphany]
geta. MELONBUNNY // Rounin White Geta [NEW @ The Epiphany]
build. AZUCHI // Azuchi Castle [Past WLRP Gift]

soul-cutting sword.



Well, friends, today is going to be my last post for a few weeks, as I’m off to Spain to visit my family for a nice, much-needed vacation. I’ve been scrambling to pick up all the goodies I wanted from events happening right now, and for the most part I’ve gotten what I wanted. Since I’ll be back August 10th, I’m holding off on some events so I don’t bankrupt myself spending–which is totally possible, ’cause I have zero impulse control when it comes to the glorious creations that SL’s residents make.

Not wearing a lot that’s really new for this, sadly, but I DID go back to pick up the rest of Little Bones’ hair releases at Hair Fair. I loooooooooooove ponytails and braids, and will generally fork over money immediately for them if I see one that’s well-made. Considering that Little Bones was behind this wonderful tail, it was inevitable that I’d buy it. It’s a style called Lemonade and it’s as beautiful as all of Nova’s designs, gorgeously textured and modeled. As with all of LB’s hair it comes in two sizes with options for larger breasts on each.

Fishy Strawberry, a brand I’ve enjoyed since early on in SL (circa 2009 or so), recently announced a huge sale. TOTALLY worth! I really liked this sweatshirt, which comes with a HUD for various text options (or blank if you prefer), and will be going back at some point to buy more stuff, even if it’s not part of the sale. Definitely worth a trip over; I included a link in the credits. It’s 50% off, up to 70% on some items, and includes the main store and outlet. It’ll be on til midnight of July 21st, so hurry over.

My shoes are from the most recent round of Collabor88, which is one of my favorite SL events. The newest theme was Under the Sea, and, another brand I’ve patronized since my early days in Second Life, put out these cute platform heels with straps reminiscent of tentacles. I own a bunch of shoes and would have to say they’re my go-to shoe store. This pair is only available for Slink high feet, but I can’t complain–they look awesome.

You can see a hint of the amazing rare tattoo available from antielle at the new gacha event The Epiphany, but I’m going to save a full post for it later, since it and the other offerings Kaorinette has in that gacha deserve my full attention. 😀

Finally, my earrings are a WONDERFUL new offering by Aikea Rieko of the Plastik, out now at underworld-themed Genre. THEY ARE SNAKES. SNAKES! Available for 100L each, they come in ten different colors, three different wear sizes, and include a HUD with thirty different colors for the snakes’ gemstone eyes. I haven’t taken them off since I got them, and don’t plan to take them off anytime soon. To top it all off, Aikea just announced Plastik’s annual summer sale, with huge discounts available throughout the whole store. Find the details here and then get over there to shop!

With that said, I bid you adieu, and JD will resume posts once I return to the US. Enjoy your summer and thanks for reading! ♥

skin. PINK FUEL // Sora <Alabaster>
hair. LITTLE BONES // Lemonade – B&W [NEW @ Hair Fair 2015]
eyes. BUZZERI // Elysium Eyes – Poison
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Hands – Casual
feet. SLINK // AvEnhance Female Feet – High
eyeliner. PLASTIK // Foxxe Makeup – Decay [On Sale @ Plastik!]
piercing. HAUS OF DARCY // Dimpled Piercing
necklace. MAXI GOSSAMER // Little Tiny Dagger – Silver
necklace. ARISE // Moon Necklace – Black & Silver
earrings. PLASTIK // Hissss Earrings – Medusa [NEW @ Genre]
tattoo. ANTIELLE // The Homunculus RARE [NEW @ The Epiphany]
glasses. HOUSE OF CURIOS // Rectangle Framed Glasses [old]
sweatshirt. FISHY STRAWBERRY // Off-Shoulder Sweater – Light Grey [On Sale @ FS!]
bra. MAITREYA // Lara Mesh Bra
pants. PIXICAT // Biker Pants – Black
shoes. FRI.DAY // Ursula Platforms – Black [NEW @ Collabor88]
pose. SKBIO


it begins.

old tricks.

Figured I’d start off with a bang.

Hey there. I’m officially known in Second Life as Kerilynn Easterling, but I go by a variety of names. My current display name is Juliet.

So, who am I? I’ve been messing around in SL since 2007 or so. I keep a very low profile–you’ve almost certainly never heard of me. I’m not a content creator or a well-known personality, but as time’s gone by, and I got back into SL, I thought I would enjoy putting down words with some pictures and showing off my own thing.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and viewing what I have to offer as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and creating it.

skin. GLAM AFFAIR // Luna
eyes. NOX // Asylum Eyes
mouth. CONTRAPTION // The Carnivorous Jaw
body. MAITREYA // Lara v3.4
hands. SLINK // AvEnhancement Casual
hair. OLIVE. // Snow Princess
necklace. TIA // Voodoo @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
bloody markings. ANTIELLE // Demon Blood @ IDK
face markings. NOX // Xenu @ Fantasy Faire
eyeshadow. NOX // Smudged Shadow @ Cosmetic Fair
eyelashes. BEETLEBONES // Dainty
bloody nails. CLEMMM
pose. PLOOM

it begins.